session 3 notes

Notes for the July 10 game:

WLWLOH, a search for the “Heart of the Ship” was underway. The group – Iago, Lady of Rage, Otha Proudaxe – were joined by elven diplomat Vuilia and “Jane,” a human adolescent who didn’t seem anxious to speak or leave the sight of Lady or Vuilia.

The two magitech engineers among the awakened, Barr and Igne, weren’t much help as to the “Heart,” remembering only that they should remember more. It was agreed that wherever the Heart was, it wasn’t in the control room, ergo the search. A thorough search of previously explored areas turned up some hidden control devices of some kind, but what they control and how to access them remained mysteries.

It didn’t take long to find trouble. The first branching hallway was spare, half-lit, and deserted. Again, mysterious control devices were found at intervals, but no insight was gained. The pondering was cut short by an attack from a group of 3 Shriekers. Iago’s Web made the fight more one-sided than it might have been; in the tension, Jane (protected, at that point, by Lady of Rage) manifested some kind of spirit short-sword.

{at this point the action was abandoned in media res as we were out of time}

session 3 notes

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