Worldbuilding brainstorm document

everyone rolling random race, gender, stats, then a group of classes is picked by the group for each and one is selected with another roll.

Kel: female dwarf ranger(!)
Sarah: female elf barbarian
Shaun: male human wizard
Sean: male human fighter

World will be designed by the group during the dungeon-crawl portion. After the crawl, DM slot may move a bit.

Lebeau is a bitch.

Fitter. Happier. More Productive.

x x x

Ritual Magic

Most non-combat (and some combat) spells can be cast by people not strong enough, or cast by regular casters with enhanced effects, through the use of rituals.

Leveling equipment

Since we are unlikely to find much new equipment, the equipment we have levels up with us. Details tbd.

Worldbuilding brainstorm document

Lost. Alone. Far From Home. scyldsceafing scyldsceafing