session 2 notes


PCs awoke from magical stasis without memory of their selves, past or whereabouts. They seemed to be on some kind of magic-as-tech ship. Something is wrong with the power; the lights and controls work only intermittently. After finding some equipment, they seemed stuck in the room, but Iago, during a power-on sequence, fiddled with the magical doodads on the control panel, claiming “The Spirit of the Ship” told him how to do it, and opened the security door.

Some searching turned up torches and odds-and-ends stuff, but the personal boxes they couldn’t open. The people who could were found in the next hallway – 72 people in stasis at its peak, now home to some 50 people. Opposite each room are heavily runed triangular indentations; these turned out to be some kind of Conjuration-boosting spot. The thawing of the 50 was followed by the freakishly sudden attack of what I’ve called pounders and shriekers. (Please note these names are placeholders, and I’d welcome new names thought up by the PCs.)

13 of ‘the thawed’ survived the smash-and-grab raid. Otha claimed to have seen a human woman on the other side of the third security door just prior to its closing. It’s true the shriekers ran off to investigate something, and were returning when the doors closed.

… now

Iago, Lady of Rage, and Otha-the-not-yet-in-OP are in the control room, once spacious, now jammed with 13 more people and their hastily-gathered belongings.

the 13

Vuilia, elven diplomat (the blonde elf)
Hester, halfling farmer
(name unknown) – waifish girl of about 13


session 2 notes

Lost. Alone. Far From Home. scyldsceafing scyldsceafing