Lost. Alone. Far From Home.

Iago's Journal - Day 2

I am already regretting saving most of these fools from the creatures we encountered yesterday. Only the halfling and the two who seem to be engineers of some sort seem to have any usefulness whatsoever. The new elf is absolutely insufferable, and it took what seemed like every ounce of my will to keep myself from silencing the crying weakling permanently.

While I think the first elf, I think she likes to be called Lady of Rage, may agree with me, the dwarf, Ogrha is it? seems intent on rescuing every useless hanger on we meet. So for now, I will have to put up with the endless talking and debating, the weeping, and the drain on our time and resources since I obviously still need the warriors if I am to figure out how to operate this ship we are on.

Oghra, the Lady, and I are almost certainly the most competant of those who have woken and survived, so far, and perhaps that is why the three of us were in stasis together at the end of the ship. We must be leaders of a sort.

This girl Lady has dubbed Jane also bears watching. She also seems to wield magic as I do and can speak to the ship, as well. Whether she will be a useful resource or needs to be removed from play, however, remains to be seen.

For now I will placate my companions, even thought they don’t seem to understand the importance of getting to the heart of the ship. But, my patience wears thin and I have to reevaluate whether they are truly as useful as I at first thought.


Do Dwarves dream??

It was so real. The smell of the forge, the sound of hammer ringing against steel, the shock of the contact running up my arm. Everything feels so right that it feels as though I am really there. I want to weep now, thinking back, I miss it so much. Manipulating a piece of steel into a war axe or a hammer, putting a piece of yourself into everything you make. The feeling of satisfaction at seeing the look of appreciation on someones face when you hand them a well crafted weapon is beyond description.

I know that I am a smith. I can feel it in my bones. I know that I used to make weapons for the warriors in my city. I know this, just like I know that I didn’t make the axes that I weild. They are too old, too magnificent, too… I know that I didn’t make them. I also know that they seem as though they were made for me. The balance in my hands is as though they are a part of my arms. Huge deadly claws that only I can use. I don’t remember being trained in their use, but it seems as though I must have been.

These walls that surround me now seem familiar?? Why can’t I remember anything else? I hope that something comes along to help me remember something else.

Iago's Journal Day 1
Character log

I awoke (or at least I think I awoke)disoriented, sick, weak, and unsure of where I was. I was sure I was dreaming at first. Being in a foreign location and unsure of who I was led me to believe that was the logical conclusion. I was in a room of stone covered with arcane markings floating through what seemed to be the outer planes. Two beings whom I didn’t recognize were woken with me, and seemed to be just as disoriented. I at first assumed they were symbols of my dream just as the arcane markings also seemed to be.

It wasn’t long before I was convinced that this was not a dream, and my companions were real. It was then I started hearing the voices. There were many voices, but the only one I could make out and understand was one identifying itself as our ship. It helped me learn to activate the doors of the ship using the control panel and telling me I had to make my way to the heart of the ship.

I’m not sure why I am on this ship, wbere we are, or where we are going, but I still feel as if I belong here. I think I may have been a crewman, or perhaps an important consultant, for the journey. My companions don’t seem to have similar skills. I don’t understand what their reason for being here could be, but I cannot deny that their martial prowess will come in handy.

We managed to find some supplies and other controls. We managed to release what I can only assume were other crew members or possibly passengers from stasis a little ways into the ship, whereupon we were immediately attacked by some alien beings. Or rather, the ones we released were attacked. I attempted to study the creatures as my companions fought them, but they ultimately proved hostile and dangerous, making study impractical. I sealed off our section of the ship as best I could. We defeated the few creatures that stayed behind, though I wish I could have had more time to study them. They were violent and mindless, or perhaps just completely foreign, but magnificent in their own way.

I think my best course of action now is to get to the heart of the ship. The elf has misgivings, thinking the ship is against us if it even is the ship speaking to me, and she may be right. But, its worth the risk if I can learn about and control this ship and these creatures.


LAFFH: Session 1
We meet our mind-wiped heroes

PCs awaken in rump control room. Power on and off. Find equipment, examine everything, and eventually Iago has a commune with something he calls ‘The Spirit of The Ship,’ which helps him unlock the door leading out.

Iago has a hilarious moment, as the only dude who can’t see in the dark, leading the way into the darkness.

First hallway is dark and deserted – a series of torn-up storage containers, but no sign of people. Searches all round turned up torches.

Second hallway was a series of stasis rooms. Iago, again getting down with the spirit, triggers a wakeup sequence. Freaky creatures attack – some turtle-y, some huge and fast. They carried away a lot of folks and seemed distracted by something.

The still-unnamed ‘Lady of Rage’ encouraged post-slaughter snacking.

Otha swears she saw someone in the closing doors. 13 noobs survived and are now holed up in the rump control room.


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