Lost. Alone. Far From Home.

LAFFH: Session 1

We meet our mind-wiped heroes

PCs awaken in rump control room. Power on and off. Find equipment, examine everything, and eventually Iago has a commune with something he calls ‘The Spirit of The Ship,’ which helps him unlock the door leading out.

Iago has a hilarious moment, as the only dude who can’t see in the dark, leading the way into the darkness.

First hallway is dark and deserted – a series of torn-up storage containers, but no sign of people. Searches all round turned up torches.

Second hallway was a series of stasis rooms. Iago, again getting down with the spirit, triggers a wakeup sequence. Freaky creatures attack – some turtle-y, some huge and fast. They carried away a lot of folks and seemed distracted by something.

The still-unnamed ‘Lady of Rage’ encouraged post-slaughter snacking.

Otha swears she saw someone in the closing doors. 13 noobs survived and are now holed up in the rump control room.


scyldsceafing scyldsceafing

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