Lost. Alone. Far From Home.

Iago's Journal - Day 2

I am already regretting saving most of these fools from the creatures we encountered yesterday. Only the halfling and the two who seem to be engineers of some sort seem to have any usefulness whatsoever. The new elf is absolutely insufferable, and it took what seemed like every ounce of my will to keep myself from silencing the crying weakling permanently.

While I think the first elf, I think she likes to be called Lady of Rage, may agree with me, the dwarf, Ogrha is it? seems intent on rescuing every useless hanger on we meet. So for now, I will have to put up with the endless talking and debating, the weeping, and the drain on our time and resources since I obviously still need the warriors if I am to figure out how to operate this ship we are on.

Oghra, the Lady, and I are almost certainly the most competant of those who have woken and survived, so far, and perhaps that is why the three of us were in stasis together at the end of the ship. We must be leaders of a sort.

This girl Lady has dubbed Jane also bears watching. She also seems to wield magic as I do and can speak to the ship, as well. Whether she will be a useful resource or needs to be removed from play, however, remains to be seen.

For now I will placate my companions, even thought they don’t seem to understand the importance of getting to the heart of the ship. But, my patience wears thin and I have to reevaluate whether they are truly as useful as I at first thought.



A couple of things – love the little bit of seething behind his calculation; his impatience with weakness is great. Also, Iago just totally destroyed a Knowledge check that told him the power wielded by ‘Jane’ is not the magic of image/motion/word, but magic of the mind, iykwimaittyd.

+100 xp!

Iago's Journal - Day 2
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